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  • Вс, 04:14: RT @CNBC: AI is being used to predict crime and send people to jail. But the technology is created by humans, complete with human bias. htt…
  • Вс, 04:23: RT @ActivistPost: In this report, Spiro focuses on who is benefiting from this crisis — specifically, who is financially benefiting from th…
  • Вс, 11:51: Egyptian sad movie "LALTRA PAR", which lasted only 3 minutes, received a prize for the best short film at the Venic… https://t.co/gt911zaE1n
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  • Мои твиты

    Вс, 17:04: RT @ GregAbbott_TX: Texas passed a law prohibiting Facebook, Twitter & Google from removing conservative viewpoints. They sued…

  • Мои твиты

    Пт, 19:29: RT @ ATf691: Наглядный премер: актёр Гаркалин, при возникновении массового психоза, укололся КОВИВАКОМ, спустя 2 месяца, антитела…

  • Мои твиты

    Ср, 14:18: RT @ jasonrantz: “This is the last time you’ll hear me in a patrol car and Jay Inslee can kiss my ass.” Washington State Trooper in…

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