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  • Ср, 12:44: RT @EU_Commission: The #coronavirus pandemic represents a major shock for the global and EU economies. Our collective recovery will depend…
  • Ср, 14:26: RT @alfonslopeztena: Corona - Abstand Wie gross solte er sein? Coronavirus - Distance How long should it be? https://t.co/pgD2S0kbGa
  • Ср, 16:56: RT @highercause: Сам ролик.Тут экипаж Аполлона-11,находясь на низкой орбите Земли,имитирует свой полет в 200тыс км от Земли,манипулируя кам…
  • Ср, 21:01: RT @SdibqJgth: Отними (* или подмени) у народа историю — и через поколение он превратится в толпу, а еще через поколение им можно управлять…
  • Ср, 21:02: RT @business: Deutsche Bank has re-opened almost half of the branches it had closed, in a sign the bank believes the coronavirus spread has…
  • Ср, 22:52: RT @CNBC: Government agencies have warned about an uptick in coronavirus-related fraud. https://t.co/t5sGQnI84E
  • Чт, 05:06: one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/spPyvZljxz
  • Чт, 07:30: RT @mashable: These self-driving vans are delivering food and medical supplies to the areas hit hardest by COVID-19 https://t.co/K5N3pCxnJi
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