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  • Пн, 12:57: RT @globaltimesnews: Is second wave of #COVID19 epidemic looming in China? Clustered infection cases of coronavirus re-emerged in two place…
  • Пн, 12:59: RT @ZDNet: IT strategy: Coronavirus could help build stronger partnerships between CIOs and vendors https://t.co/g635IYoyvA
  • Вт, 04:20: RT @CNET: The response by governments and the tech industry to the coronavirus outbreak has already raised many concerns about privacy from…
  • Вт, 11:01: Zombies... УЖЕ.. Среди нас... Упоротые "Активисты", "Патриоты", психопаты и извращенцы всех мастей, завезенные отов… https://t.co/W7UbeEiI2C
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    Чт, 11:32: RT @ cgtnrussian: Более 120 отставных адмиралов и генералов США написали открытое письмо, в котором выразили сомнение в честной…

  • Мои твиты

    Ср, 11:42: one person followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/spPyvZljxz

  • Мои твиты

    Вс, 15:38: RT @ JasonMillerinDC: Yes...yes they are! “Brace yourselves, folks:  Trump's MAGA rallies are coming back” https://t.co/lO3du6LMdJ…

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