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  • Пн, 04:29: RT @techreview: A revolution is brewing to take back the web from the dominance of a few companies, and the ad-tech industry that supports…
  • Пн, 04:33: RT @TheRegister: Japan plans massive national tech modernisation program https://t.co/RWuaJeGDhv
  • Пн, 06:05: RT @CNET: Somewhere in the vast ocean, a little boat covered in solar panels is doing something extraordinary https://t.co/9y0JePi2hP
  • Пн, 06:08: RT @StartUpMindset: "But the skills are not enough, and you need to approach the opportunity with a business mindset which means having a b…
  • Пн, 08:57: RT @vcru: Исследователи нашли в открытом доступе данные 20 млн пользователей бесплатных VPN-сервисов — электронные адреса, незашифрованные…
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