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  • Сб, 15:47: RT @sharijnet: Шмыгаль заявил, что в будущем Украина перестанет выплачивать пенсии | Шарий.net https://t.co/5SVhlk7bZo
  • Сб, 16:01: RT @ReutersPlus: Ever wonder how a megacity like Tokyo, with 14 million people, can maintain a high standard of hygiene in a pandemic? Paid…
  • Сб, 17:16: RT @sadomowski: Имена нескольких убийц Славиной есть в материалах дела, по которому у нас с Ирой были обыски. Это люди, на чьих ложных доно…
  • Сб, 23:12: RT @TheRealEnemies: If you could choose one "agency" of U.S. "govt" to get rid of, which one would it be, (and why)? (Or pick another if yo…
  • Сб, 23:16: RT @MrAndyNgo: BLM rioters tried to crash the #WalkAway pro-Trump rally in DC today. The woman with the glasses screaming at the end of thi…
  • Сб, 23:32: RT @SearchSecurity: Safe information transfer is critical, but not all secure data transmission methods are equal. Explore your secure data…
  • Вс, 05:43: 4 people followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/spPyvZljxz
  • Вс, 11:26: RT @ZDNet: 4G, 5G networks could be vulnerable to exploit due to ‘mishmash’ of old technologies https://t.co/0Tm3NvZWqn
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  • Мои твиты

    Сб, 15:45: RT @ theRealKiyosaki: Hooray. Bitcoin rising above $60,000. Future very bright. Celebrate yet be cautious. I am waiting for a pull…

  • Мои твиты

    Пт, 16:09: RT @ danielkennedy74: @ GovParsonMO Sir, as someone with 20 years in on cybersecurity issues, I can't stress to you enough the need…

  • Мои твиты

    Пт, 04:03: RT @ InfoSecHotSpot: Long Beach tests traffic lights that respond to real-time congestion https://t.co/etGKrATHOj…

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