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  • Чт, 00:48: RT @MZHemingway: Twitter censoring Trump's call for peace. Only letting people Quote tweet. Says "this Tweet can't be replied to, Retweeted…
  • Чт, 00:48: RT @4mybranches: @MZHemingway This is terribly sad. This is a message that should be spread quickly and far. Shame on Twitter...shame
  • Чт, 00:49: RT @johncardillo: Trump told the protesters to go home. Find me one video of a prominent national Democrat doing that when leftists riot…
  • Чт, 00:49: RT @lsferguson: @johncardillo They encouraged the rioting for "social justice"
  • Чт, 09:29: RT @msvetov: В Токио прошёл митинг в поддержку Трампа. Мне кажется Трамп вызывает такие сильные чувства, любовь и ненависть, потому что в…
  • Чт, 09:29: RT @mrjeffu: A pro-Trump #StopTheSteal march is being held right now in Tokyo. Hours before the #January6th march takes place in America, t…
  • Чт, 09:35: RT @The_Biz_Expert: Habits For #Entrepreneurs: What Makes You #Productive and Unproductive. - Establish and qualify your most crucial metri…
  • Чт, 09:36: RT @SecretsBedard: Expert @MrAndyNgo -- It wasn’t Antifia at the Capitol riots. But, 'The disparate responses to those breaking inside the…
  • Чт, 09:37: RT @anatoliisharii: Байден обозвал людей «сбродом». Янукович до такого не додумался. Неужели эти события навсегда не дадут понять всем, чег…
  • Чт, 09:39: RT @Fabriziobustama: This wind turbine mimics the motion of a bird's wings to generates electricity. By @gigadgets_ #Renewableenergy #Susta
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