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  • Вт, 15:24: RT @MrAndyNgo: DAY OF DESTRUCTION: "Chilling posters reveal Antifa is planning to clash with Trump fans at Inauguration Day riots" #antifa
  • Вт, 15:36: RT @sharja83: Самая большая слабость — это система госуправления, по которой Россия находится на 124-м месте, и уровень личной свободы — ст…
  • Вт, 15:38: RT @InfoSecHotSpot: Complex Role of Data Scientists and Cyber Security Experts: Equipping Your Team for New-Age Cyber Threats But who incur…
  • Вт, 15:42: RT @ZDNet: How to secure your Google account and keep it safe from attacks https://t.co/uIOvnjzuHB by @edbott
  • Вт, 15:43: RT @mashable: There appears to be a human drawing time inside this giant clock https://t.co/rOnW6N8REH
  • Вт, 15:51: Puffs of smoke are visible over the Capitol in Washington, where the rehearsal of Joseph Biden's inauguration is taking place. NBC News correspondent Frank Thorpe said that part of the parliamentary complex on the Capitol has been evacuated....... 🇺🇲 🗽👎🚧 J💩B https://t.co/CXeJMr69oF
  • Вт, 16:32: RT @KawyHugo: Este baile clásico fue creado en China y transmitido en Shanghai Disneyland. No son artistas de danza, sino robots fabricado…
  • Вт, 20:03: RT @rosbaltru: Чистый отток капитала из России в 2020 году более чем удвоился https://t.co/NAXHpv7seS
  • Вт, 20:46: RT @goldstocktrades: Bunch of false starts for #gold's next 3rd leg higher. Bitcoin and tech stocks overbought. Gold miners and precious m…
  • Вт, 20:46: RT @MrMichaelBurkes: Give me a thumbs up if you support Trump and are not a white supremacist. 👍🏽
  • Ср, 07:38: RT @JackPosobiec: https://t.co/vmAl1oBjyE
  • Ср, 07:41: RT @sharja83: @Sandy_mustache Требуем отставки и расформирования "уполномоченной стуктуры ФСИН" как карательного органа! https://t.co/DxdIh
  • Ср, 07:41: RT @HeyTammyBruce: Trump Set To Leave Office With A Higher Approval Rating Than George W. Bush https://t.co/2PEbmVf3OK
  • Ср, 07:41: RT @juanblanco76: This increases flexibility for companies in the types of resources and personnel that can participate in the development…
  • Ср, 07:42: RT @duderman67: Рэйчел Левин, трансгендер и главный по медицине Пенсильвании, станет замминистра здравоохранения США Левин “прославился” т…
  • Ср, 07:42: RT @Jord_45: 📸Thread of the Trump Presidency https://t.co/twyGy5kym7
  • Ср, 07:44: RT @thebradfordfile: Never has a man fought so hard for what is right and been met by so much unvarnished hate. God bless President Donald…
  • Ср, 07:44: RT @InfoSecHotSpot: FBI warns of voice phishing attacks targeting employees at large companies Using VoIP calls, the attackers trick people…
  • Ср, 08:54: RT @nedryun: Donald J. Trump was one of the greatest Republican Presidents ever. That’s it. That’s the tweet.
  • Ср, 11:57: RT @Ponasenkov: Перед инаугурацией бандита байдена территорию национальной аллеи покрыли флажками, которые должны символизировать сторонник…
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