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  • Ср, 18:44: RT @RudyGiuliani: When do we get to the point that a Democrat stands up, overcomes the tyranny now imposed by his party, and agrees Biden s…
  • Ср, 18:45: RT @AzarovNikolay_: https://t.co/qbxaZb2xKK
  • Ср, 18:45: RT @engineers_feed: “Engineering is quite different from science. Scientists try to understand nature. Engineers try to make things that do…
  • Ср, 18:45: RT @anatoliisharii: Президент Эстонии: советую гражданам: торгуйте с Укр, но не инвестируйте. Потому что вы можете потерять инвестиции. И…
  • Ср, 18:46: RT @Breaking911: BREAKING: Supreme Court says Biden administration must reinstate Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ border policy
  • Ср, 18:48: RT @RyanAFournier: This is going to be the image history remembers Joe Biden by. He's turned his back on Americans in Afghanistan and he sh…
  • Чт, 06:52: RT @DonaldJTrumpJr: Have the Taliban give Biden any more orders since yesterday?
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    Вт, 14:43: 2 people followed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/spPyvZ3I8Z

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    Пн, 14:54: RT @ HarvardBiz: Mindfulness encourages creative thinking, and could help engineers stay open to new approaches.…

  • Мои твиты

    Вс, 19:29: RT @ WikiLeaksUS: THE FBI ARRESTED THE FBI AT THE FBI RALLY IN D.C. 😂😂😂 Пн, 02:45: RT @ HarvardBiz: Start gaining control of…

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