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  • Ср, 14:11: RT @MorningBrew: Elon Musk added over $28 billion to his net worth yesterday. How? He didn't buy avocado toast and he made his coffee at…
  • Ср, 22:43: RT @HarvardBiz: Overly loyal people are more likely to be exploited by their employer. https://t.co/Bjrtsgsv8u
  • Ср, 22:50: RT @johncardillo: Savages gonna savage. NYC is back to the bad old days. https://t.co/km9enJedq4
  • Чт, 03:23: RT @GailAlfarATX: Tesla Solar Roof & powerwalls allow for off - grid living, even in the middle of nowhere cr:/ @weddleandsons https://t.…
  • Чт, 03:38: RT @PPathole: On this day in 2010, Tesla opened its first factory. Which was formerly a GM-Toyota factory, now Tesla is worth more than GM…
  • Чт, 07:37: RT @NancyTracker: Your house is worth $200,000. Print a lot of money. Your house is now worth $400,000. Tax the unrealized gains of $200,00…
  • Чт, 07:42: RT @dwnews: US President Joe Biden urged Democrat lawmakers to push through a sweeping bill before he left for Europe on Thursday. But th…
  • Чт, 07:43: RT @best_fact: Рабочий во время строительства небоскреба Columbia Center, 1980 год. https://t.co/S1Dx8WX3PO
  • Чт, 11:44: RT @znak_com: В МВД объяснили, за что объявили в розыск программиста Сергея Савельева, обнародовавшего видеоархив с пытками заключенных в р…
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