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  • Пт, 08:58: RT @mayemusk: 😂😂 Biden’s speech was written 20 years ago, just before GM killed the electric car. His speechwriter uploaded the wrong file😳🤪
  • Пт, 09:06: RT @ZulloWarrior: @EricTrump good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws…
Tags: #grateful, twitter

  • Мои твиты

    Вт, 15:48: RT @ damien_mv: Le bilan de Macron : - 17900 lits fermés en 4 ans - 5700 rien qu'en 2020 - des soignants en burn out Il fallait lui…

  • Мои твиты

    Вт, 00:07: RT @ mdenaxa: Δεν μπορεί να είναι αλήθεια! Δεν μπορεί να έχουν ληφθεί τέτοιες αποφάσεις διαχωρισμού ανθρώπων, διαχωρισμού πολιτών σε…

  • Мои твиты

    Вс, 12:43: RT @ jeffreyatucker: Social distancing is among the stupidest and most totalitarian ideas to emerge from the pandemic. Utterly…

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